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ThinkRevolutionist: Alpaka

Simplify your life, and you’ll be happier, more efficient, and freer to do the things you love. That’s the design ethos of tech gear maker ALPAKA, which combines aesthetics and functionality into versatile everyday bags that adapt to your lifestyle.

One bag for all the lives we lead

Ask one bag to have the storage of a duffle, the usability of a messenger bag, the functionality for work, the playfulness for the weekend, and the minimalist style to complement any occasion – and you’re probably asking for too much.

Enter ALPAKA’s 7ven messenger bag, the company’s first product, designed for use 7 days a week (get it?). As young professionals with a taste for travel and all kinds of digital gear, ALPAKA’s two founders recognized that today’s carryable products lacked many of the features needed to keep up with a modern lifestyle.

So the 7ven messenger bag is black, for both casual and formal events. It has plentiful storage – for a laptop, tripod, or umbrella – and a specially designed magnetic latching system to keep all equipment secure. And it’s made out of ballistic nylon for tough travel, plus high-end French leather for a touch of class. Finding everything you’d want in one product is nothing less than minimal design fully realized.

Shifting into high gear

After scrapping its initial design for a more modular backpack, ALPAKA landed on the streamlined style of the 7ven messenger bag. This design shift – and the rapid prototyping that followed only months later – was made possible using Autodesk CAD and Adobe Illustrator software. Run on ThinkPad P Series mobile workstations, these applications allowed the ALPAKA team to refine and improve their designs wherever worldwide travel took them. ALPAKA aims to use this same iterative, digital design process for its next projects, including wallets and smart water bottles.

"Great products should make your life simple and not more complex"

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