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ThinkRevolutionist: Project H

Teach children the power of design and hands-on building, and you’ll transform their lives and communities. That’s the vision behind Project H, a nonprofit organization that educates young people through science, technology, engineering/architecture, arts, and math (STEAM) programs.

Creating a new generation of thinkers, by design

From an award-winning, 2,000-square-foot farmers market structure to micro-homes for the homeless to a revamped school library, Project H students have taken inside-the-classroom lessons and applied them for the greater good.

Project H’s culture of experimentation and creativity has been particularly powerful for young girls. At the Girls Garage, a one-of-a-kind design and building camp in Berkeley, California, girls ages 9-13 are given opportunities to do things that no one expects them to do, growing their confidence to become tomorrow’s engineers and artists.

Turning imagination into reality

To bring their visions to life, the students of Project H count on high-performance ThinkStation P Series workstations. These machines are certified to run the ISV applications from Autodesk and Adobe that young designers need to transform their rough drawings into digital models — and then into real-life objects through laser etching and cutting by way of 3D printing. Plus, NVIDIA® graphics cards help the students see their ideas in breathtaking high resolution, as if they were working as actual architects.

Because the learning at Project H never stands still, students love the mobile power of ThinkPad P Series workstations to solve problems wherever they pop up.

"We look at our students and see geniuses and believe every student has something amazing to contribute."

Check out what's in Project H classrooms: ThinkStation P500 and ThinkPad P50

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