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ThinkRevolutionist: Eccotype

Creativity shouldn’t just be in the hands of the few. So say the innovators of Eccotype, a new online platform that gives novice visual effects artists the ability to create movie-quality CGI without expensive software and years of training.

Where a word is worth a thousand pictures

With only a few keystrokes, writers and artists can use Eccotype to turn their typing into professional-grade animation. Textual input equals visual output. Or in other words, about as close to magic as technology gets. One more thing: It’s free.

Designed to be easy to use and quick to master, Eccotype’s application filters complex back-end engineering and rendering through a browser-based interface. Besides offering pre-made objects and environments, Eccotype can dynamically generate new worlds simply by processing the words used to describe them.

Behind this groundbreaking technology is an equally disruptive idea: that by breaking down the barriers of entry, Eccotype can spur greater innovation among amateurs. Ideally, it will also catalyze a new wave of advances from professionals who will raise the bar not just in media and entertainment but in every industry that eventually has access to Eccotype’s software development kit.

Big-screen magic takes more than a little help

An accomplished CGI engineer has to be flexible, a master of modeling, sketching, rendering, and animation. Likewise, the hardware used to design and develop Eccotype had to be just as adaptable. That’s why Allen Bolden, Eccotype’s founder and chief architect, chose Lenovo workstations. Undauntingly reliable, the ThinkStation P910 and ThinkPad P40 Yoga are capable of easily handling the computational demands of the advanced software packages from Autodesk, Adobe, and The Foundry.

“We want everyone to be able tell their stories. Eccotype will make this happen.”

Check out what's in Eccotype's offices: ThinkPad P70 and ThinkStation P910