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ThinkRevolutionist: Trojan Horse was a Unicorn

Five Days That Will Change Your Life
September 6, 2016

What does it mean for an artist to become better? More technique, more inspiration, more connections to like-minded creators? At this year’s Trojan Horse was a Unicorn Main Event, artists will get their answer.

THU promises to be a life-changing event. For six days September 19-24, the THU Tribe – the devoted worldwide community of digital artists – will gather in Tróia, Portugal, to revel in enough passion, creativity, and talent to keep them going for a whole year.

Let’s break down the festival by the numbers.

50. That’s how many Knights will share their inspirational stories. Otherwise known as industry trailblazers, these 50 Knights include visual effects artists and animators from the largest film studios, art directors from leading gaming companies, and even the founder of the top VFX school on the planet.

13. That’s the number of world-leading entertainment companies recruiting the next generation of digital wizards looking for that next dream job.

100+. Count on this many hours of nonstop activities. Portfolio reviews, master classes, drawing sessions with live models. And, new this year, co-labs in which six teams of 10 artists will create a project from scratch. No pressure, there.

0. That’s the number of excuses you have for not being part of THU. Even though the event is sold out, you can still watch live coverage through THU TV, your online gateway to exclusive content.

Zero also could have stood for the number of times THU was going to happen after 2015. A year ago, THU’s leaders didn’t think they could organize another event without serious support (and funding). Then Lenovo stepped in.

“Everyone should know that Lenovo saved THU,” wrote André Luis, THU co-founder. “Lenovo committed to supporting THU in its original mission: to help the artists, the creators; to reignite their passions and inspire them to become better artists.”

Becoming better artists. Come September 19, THU will show us all how.